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Susan Bradley-Boartfield

I am walking, living proof

WHEN I STARTED LISTENING TO YOUR SHOW, I WAS BEDRIDDEN, TAKING 22 PILLS A DAY. The doctors did not think I would work again, and they recommended a pain pump be implanted into my body. Through your show It gave me hope, and I knew I would heal. All the contributors are amazing, and I learned so much. I am walking, living proof of all that you bring to this world. Thank you Darius.*

Susan Bradley-Boartfield

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Darius' 10 hand-selected 'reality shifting' bonuses that are designed to help you hold and make permanent the energy levels created by your 'Acceleration' Package.

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Poverty Conscious Cleanse

with Emmanuel Dagher

It's time to release and let go of lack and poverty patterns. Using Core Energy Therapy, Emmanuel guides you and applies quantum physics that connect you to the zero-point field of infinite possibilities. Listen and manifest a new reality that aligns more with your original prosperous nature.

Arcturian Armor

with Dr. Gene Ang

In this 50-minute Arcturian Healing Method healing session, Gene uses a completely new frequency called the Arcturian Armor Frequency. The purpose of this frequency is to protect you from unwanted spiritual influences from people, environments, and spirits. The Arcturian Armor frequency creates a resonance in your subtle bodies which repels unwanted energies causing disease, malaise, calamities, and disasters. This frequency is sourced from the Divine and facilitated through powerful and strong Arcturian Beings whose purpose is to protect. In addition, these frequencies help us reflect on how we create our own reality and how we may be causing these same influences towards others either consciously or subconsciously.

Repeated playing of the Arcturian Armor frequencies will also increase your healing abilities over time.

Your Harmonious Body

with Janet Doerr

This recording will support bringing your body into harmony. The recording invites the body and its many systems to come into harmony. This recording is designed to activate the consciousness that will restore balance and harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Best results will be obtained by playing this recording daily for twenty-one days and noticing and acting upon any guidance you receive.

Activate Your Wealth Gene

with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Activate your wealth gene. You are a powerful creator, you have infinite potential. Clear generational poverty, clear old DNA and upgrade with a higher version of you, let go of past events when you were in fear — and much more!

In this activation the beliefs that limit will be removed — simply say yes!

Feelings of Gratitude

with Jim Oliver

Emmy-award winning musician, composer, and healing pioneer Jim Oliver has created this gorgeous instrumental piece to center your energy, raise your consciousness, and uplift your spirit. Meditate to it or play it in the background as an accompaniment to your daily life. Feel how relaxed and calm you become as Jim's celestial melodies penetrate every cell of your body and awaken the very essence of your being. Isn't it great to be alive?

Power Source

with Karen Abrams

Master Theta Healer Karen Abrams offers this powerful and soothing evening meditation to strengthen your connection to Source. Say yes and receive loving energetic downloads that deepen your awareness of the unconditional love and eternal bond you have with Creator. Allow this energy to expand your perspective, create ease, and help you move forward in life with confidence and grace.

Clearing and Protection Spray Formula

with Dr. Karen Kan

Master Theta Healer Karen Abrams offers this powerful and soothing evening meditation to strengthen your connection to Source. Say yes and receive loving energetic downloads that deepen your awareness of the unconditional love and eternal bond you have with Creator. Allow this energy to expand your perspective, create ease, and help you move forward in life with confidence and grace.

Lymphatic Drainage Flush

with Lynn Waldrop

Let's flush the fluids! The lymph system only gets cleared out through movement, so if you live a more sedentary life or have had damage to the lymph nodes from cancer or its treatments, it becomes more difficult for a flush. Even if you walk or dance or move, blockages can still occur and swelling in the arms, hips, legs, ankles and feet can occur.

Miraculous Message from Archangel Michael

with Stewart Pearce

Channeled through Stewart Pearce, Angelic Emissary, Healing Transmission of Grace from all 12 Angels of Atlantis for You to miraculously transcend these troubled times.

  • Grace is the free-flowing elixir that God gives us when we wish to co-create with the Source.
  • The power of prayer is legendary, and by sounding these enchantments we will become at one with Divine favor and receive Divine intercession.
  • Whatever we offer onto the Altar of enchantment will always be altered, this is the way of the Cosmos, and this is the grace of the Angels.
Activating the Powerfully Neutral Body

with Valerie Pearson

Valerie strengthens and activates the divine physical intelligence of your body, activating cellular rejuvenation at the quantum level to hold in the new energies.

You will receive:

  • Strengthening the CNS to the PNS the Sympathetic nervous system to the Parasympathetic nervous system
  • Strengthening all the brains in your body: Cranial, bottom, and tail brain and all the cells of your body
  • Activating the midline for deletion
  • Strengthening basic vital flow and all primary nutrients
  • HGH and pituitary activation
  • Clearing all waste products through lymphatic and exit portals
  • Strengthening all organs and systems: lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, and elimination
  • Mitochondria activation
  • Strengthening binary codes and activating the divine physical intelligence of the powerfully neutral body

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Yes! I Want to Empower My Transformation for Just $97

Yes! I Want to Empower My Transformation

(97% OFF Limited-Time Price Discount)

YOU ARE MY REAL HERO, DARIUS. I AM TOTALLY CHANGED like you always said that awakening is a process one by one we will open petal. It is so true, and my awakening is happening same way I am not same person as I was 3–4 years ago. Right now I DON'T ANY WORD TO DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS. But that awakening process began when start listening your call and it still going on.*


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YOU WEALTH REVOLUTION HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORMATIONAL. IT HAS BEEN CRITICAL FOR ME IN KEEPING MY VIBRATION HIGH, integrating the activation of higher energies and understanding the entire process. I am so grateful for this community.*

Demetria Manuselis

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I HAVE ALSO BEEN ABLE TO LARGELY RELEASE AND SET FREE WHAT FELT LIKE CENTURIES OF PAIN, BURDEN, AND TRAUMA that I have apparently not be ready or willing to let go of until recently. Old memories now do not seem to randomly trigger me anymore… You Wealth has helped me to live each day from the heart. I have wanted to do this all along, but often would get lost in the energies of my surrounding environment. Now I can more confidently stand in my own truth and be my loving true self wherever I go.*

Noah Oyen

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MORE THAN ANYTHING, YOUR SHOW HAS HELPED ME SHIFT AND CLEAR YEARS UPON YEARS OF GENETIC CYCLES, AT VERY CRUCIAL TIMES, and I see the changes every day in my present family. Thank you so very much for holding the space and facilitating such massive love and peace for my family.*

Catherine Christmas

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